The Magic Ear Cleaner
The Magic Ear Cleaner
The Magic Ear Cleaner
The Magic Ear Cleaner
The Magic Ear Cleaner

The Magic Ear Cleaner

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Have Cleaner Ears With Safety And Convenience


Clean your ears conveniently and easily with our The Magic Ear Cleaner. It is safer to use in your ears than normal cotton buds. The Magic Ear Cleaner has a handle that is easier to grip, with a flexible tip with spiral grooves that can easily remove the earwax without any hassle. 

It's safe to use and does not damage or clog your ears like cotton swabs. Remove earwax effectively while assuring your ears that nothing will be left behind. The unique spiral design and with 360° rotation for stronger cleaning power fits the ear perfectly making it easier to reach that nasty earwax.


  • Easy to useSimply twist, and remove your earwax
  • Gentle and effective: The safe way to clean your ears and prevent earwax buildup.
  • Comfortable: The soft tips are gentle enough that you won't feel discomfort using it
  • Portable: You can put it in your bag and can carry it anywhere.
  • Unique design: The spiral grooved head is designed to go the perfect distance into the ear.



  • Material: Silicone, Plastic
  • Size: 127.5mm x 15.3mm x 15.3mm



  • 1pc x The Magic Ear Cleaner
  • 16pcs x Silicone Tips