Instant Nail Healing
Instant Nail Healing
Instant Nail Healing
Instant Nail Healing
Instant Nail Healing

Instant Nail Healing

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Life can be hard on our nails but not everybody has the time to go get them done. Treat them at home and get amazing results with 5-Minute At Home Manicure.

Just slip the little masks on your fingertips and wait for a few minutes. Instantly strengthen nails, condition cuticles and hydrate your skin in no time!

Make your hands look beautiful and healthy without the hassle of getting a salon appointment and expensive treatments. This is the absolute DIY solution for good looking nails!


Intense Moisturizing Treatment: Surrounds your nail and cuticle with moisture to repair and restore healthy nail growth. Say goodbye to peeled, chipped, or cracked nails.

Instant Nail Healing:
 Treat your nails in just 5 minutes
 with just a slip of the mask.
Healthy & Natural Ingredients: 
Infused with a special advanced formula containing Japonica Seed Oil, widely known as an antioxidant. Japonica Seed Oil helps strengthens nails, conditions cuticles, and hydrates the skin around the fingertips.

Manicure at Home: 
You don't need to go to the salon or leave home just to treat your dry nails. They're extremely helpful and will save you time and money!

✔ Easy & Simple to Use: 
Simply insert the masks around each fingertip
 for as little as 5 minutes and let the treatment set in to strengthen and nourish your nails and cuticles.


Material: Cloth 
4 * 3 cm


1 pack x Instant Nail Healing